Hotel Mladimir


Ivana Zajca 1,
43500 Daruvar, Croatia
Mob.: 098/982-7887
Phone: ++385 43 333 591
Fax: ++385 43 333 580

› Castle Jankovich

The castle of Count Jankovich is located in the very centre of town and it is a protected monument of culture (first class) of Croatia.

› Spa park Julije's park

Julije's park is one of the oldest spa parks in continental Croatia

› Roman forest

Next to the main town square and Daruvar spa there is a natural and healthy park-forest i.e. the Roman forest.The Roman forest is populated with various vegetative and animal worlds that inhabit an area of 20 hectares.

Castle Dioš

From 1904, seven kilometers north of Daruvar, near Končanica.

› Stupčanica i Dobra kuća

Two medieval fortress.

› Churches

Church of the Holy Trinity (1764), Church of the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council (1749).

› Vinodar

International wine exhibit and fair of traditional products of Bjelovar-Bilogora County


Celebration of Saint Vincent's day by blessing the vineyards

› Carnival in Končanica

The most famous carnival among members of the Czech minority in this area, where resides the largest number of Czechs in Croatia.

› Ten days of astronomy in Daruvar

Festival organized by the Astronomical Society "Kumova slama" from Daruvar.


Darfest is one of the few original songs festivals, a competition of young talented amateur singers from all over Croatia and abroad.

› Days of Czech's culture

The event in which the Czech minority displays their traditional and contemporary culture through theatre screenings, exhibitions, presentations of old crafts, Staročeško fair on King Tomislav Square, where books, handcrafts, Czech pastries and other products of Czech's beseda (Czech's society) and schools are presented.

› Dožínky

The Harvest Festival, the oldest, largest and most massive manifestation of the Czech minority in Croatia.

› FLIG Daruvar

FLIG - international festival of brass music

› Days of beer in Daruvar

Brewery Daruvar is surely one of the most important symbols of this town and its rich tradition.

› Days of plums and schnapps in Siraču

Days of the plums and schnapps (brandy) in Sirač, a municipality 9 kilometers away from Daruvar, is a unique agricultural, cultural and tourist event. The main part of this event is the evaluation and exhibition of local schnapps (brandy) and a thematic lecture devoted to the cultivation and processing of plums.


The little theater fair


St. Martin's day

Hotel Mladimir is situated in the greenest part of the city nearby the city center where there are shops, cafes and other facilities, and also near the sports fields, swimming pools, parks, wine road, so it provides the perfect opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment throughout year.

We are offering top accommodation in ten luxury equipped double rooms. All rooms and suites are superbly equipped and lavishly designed according to the latest standards.

Rooms are designed and adapted to families, business people and everybody who would like some peace and quiet, but also some entertainment and relaxation.


›  Bed+Breakfast
›  Half board
›  Full board
›  TV in every room
›  Phone in room
›  Satellite TV Program
›  Air conditioning in rooms
›  Mini bar in room
›  Fully air-conditioned hotel
›  Internet connection in every room
›  Secured and guarded parking
›  Wellness center
›  Sauna
›  Cafe
›  International cuisine
›  Local specialties
›  Service 0-24
›  Balcony / Terrace

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