Agrotourism - excursion site ‘‘Na Malenom brijegu’’


Ribnjačka 84, 43271 Velika Pisanica, Croatia
Phone: ++385 43 874 324
Fax: ++385 98 788 197

At the heart of of Bilogora, in the municipality of Velika Pisanica, is the village Ribnjačka. Above the village is a small hill, plateau, which starts from the Podravina and transforms into a rural hillside Ribnjačka. The most beautiful part of the hill is our little paradise. In the midst of vineyards, under the century-old pear, with great effort Vlajinić family, created a rural tourist economy. Clean air, preserved nature, views of the wooded southern slopes of Bilogora daily inspire and give strength to develop the economy.

We are focused at organic farming and traditional values of Bilogora.

From our offer, with prior notice, we must mention the <strong> equestrian tourism </strong> - from riding school to specialty of our economy - big distance riding.

Family farm "Na Malenom brijegu" is an ideal destination for day trips, classes in nature and longer stays in rural holiday house - "Grandma's cottage."

We organize various family celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, small weddings, confirmations, first communions, etc.).

Spend a weekend in nature of Bilogora, with yoga, meditation, walks through enchanting forests and meadows, homemade vegetarian and organic foods and serene sleep in peace and tranquility.

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