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Tourist board Daruvar - Papuk
Julijev park 1
43 500 Daruvar, Croatia
Phone.: ++385 43 331 382,
Fax: ++385 43 331 285
Web: www.visitdaruvar.hr
Tourist office Daruvar
Cell. ++385 99 706 60 59, ++385 99 706 60 58
E-mail: turizam@daruvar.hr, tic@daruvar.hr

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› Castle Jankovich
The castle of Count Jankovich is located in the very centre of town and it is a protected monument of culture (first class) of Croatia.
› Spa park Julije's park
Julije's park is one of the oldest spa parks in continental Croatia
› Roman forest
Next to the main town square and Daruvar spa there is a natural and healthy park-forest i.e. the Roman forest.The Roman forest is populated with various vegetative and animal worlds that inhabit an area of 20 hectares.
› Castle Dioš
From 1904, seven kilometers north of Daruvar, near Končanica.
› Stupčanica i Dobra kuća
Two medieval fortress.
› Churches
Church of the Holy Trinity (1764), Church of the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council (1749).

Four gold, two silver and one bronze recognition from the Croatian national tourist board confirm that the town Daruvar is the most decorated small town of continental Croatia.

In ancient times, it was the capital of the Iassan Republic, during the Romans a widely-known patrician thermal health resort – Aquae Balissae which means „very hot springs“. In Turkish times it was an important strategic point, later a market town and in the time of the counts Jankovich, who are considered the founders of Daruvar as it is today, the town was transformed into a centre for crafts and trade.

Destination area makes the town of Daruvar and four neighboring municipalities in the region: Dežanovac, Đulovac, Končanica and Sirač.

› Coordinates: 45°35′N 17°14′E
› Zip: 43.500
› City day: May 5th
› Surface: 64 km2
› Altitude: 161 AMSL
› Population: 11 612 (2011)
› Annual temperature: 11,3°C
› Villages: Daruvarski Vinogradi, Doljani, Donji Daruvar, Gornji Daruvar, Lipovac Majur, Ljudevit Selo, Markovac, Vrbovac
› Major: Damir Lneniček
› Web: www.daruvar.hr

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