Gentle landscapes, friendly people


The County of Bjelovar-Bilogora is a Croatia’s county of outspoken and hospitable people. There are many reasons for your visit and stay there apart from the azure sky, yellow fields and green meadows, blue fish-ponds, vineyards, orchards and healthy, natural forests. If, by any chance, you lose your way, which is, with excellent traffic connections, almost impossible, everybody will gladlyntell you the way.

Hunters of this region raise game to high trophy value, which does credit to the rich Croatian tradition. Delicious game specialities are prepared by experienced chefs on clearings and in hunters’ cottages. There are many fish-ponds with all kinds of fish, and the cleanness of the rivers »esma, Velika, Ilova and Toplica are frequent anglers’ destinations. Spending the night in a fisher’s cottage and recreation centres with all their specialities give you the opportunity to fully enjoy your free time.

If you stop by one of our towns · tired, hungry and thirsty, you will come across a number of comfortable hotels, restaurants, ale-houses, and coffee bars, where you can find whatever you need. We recommend you to order old dishes and drinks, because this is a region with a rich culinary tradition. For your picnic you can choose among twenty different kinds of cheese, salami, sausages, eggs, biscuits, beer, or wine.

Five towns and nineteen municipalities are picturesque places scattered around small hills of Bilogora, Moslavina, and Slavonija, each with its beauties and traditional stories, some of them reaching into the Ancient Roman times. Museums and churches keep our precious treasure · evidence of existence, duration, and preservation of life in this area.

A rich tradition of church feasts and religious celebrations show our connection with our origins. There is no end to numerous economical, cultural and sporting events. After all, is not this the cradle of handball?

Cattle have always been a sign of prosperity and pride for the people of this region. International lifestock fair is an event that gathers around people from all around Croatia, and the neighbouring countries. Joy and satisfaction with the picked crop are shown in a very picturesque way in the traditional Czech harvest festival in the Daruvar region (Dožinky). Terezijana is a festivity in which the people of Bjelovar region commemorate the days of the establishment of their town. Why not come and see how, on that day, even the Empress Marie Theresa remembers the town she herself planned?

The Festival of Popular Theatre traditionally welcomes Croats from all round the world, the festival Children, Joy, Song gathers children from the whole country, and Supermarathon Zagreb-Čazma is and event that brings together the most successful athletes. You can witness all this, and much more if you come and visit our region.

That is not all. Please come, and we shall offer you even more.