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Just as the beating heart is hidden in our bodies, so Bjelovar-Bilogora County is also hidden in Central Croatia. Three mountains beat in its green heart; Moslavina mountain, Papuk and Bilogora, whose root contains the Croatian word for a beat = “bilo”, being its quiet and continuous beat of life. That life has existed in this area since the earliest times, so only the archaeological remains can tell the story of the people and events that marked its past and created the foundations of the present.



Here you will be greeted by centuries-old forests, vast and fertile fields, flowering meadows among which streams, creeks and lowland rivers flow. There are ponds rich with fish and lakes and hunting grounds where a wide variety of small and large game lives. Whether you go exploring on foot, by bike, perhaps on horseback or by car, any choice is good because many picnic areas, wine trails and small family farms offer you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds you.

The good climate, smooth rolling hills and clean and preserved nature, as well as the richness of flora and fauna, have always been a source for growing and preparing the most delicious local food and wine. The ancient Romans also toasted them in the area of ​​today's Daruvar, enjoying the warm Daruvar springs of Aquae Balissae, as they called them.

Visiting the Bjelovar-Bilogora County will give you an insight into one of the greenest Croatian counties and you’ll discover the magical vistas that show its beauty, openness and closeness.

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