Family farm Markešić, Pavlin Kloštar


Family farm Stjepan and Rajka Markešić,
Pavlin Kloštar, 43203 Kapela, Croatia
Phone: +385 43 251 622
Cell: +385 98 9421 477

Family farm of Stjepan and Rajka Markešić in Pavlin Kloštar is situated in a wooded area of Bilogora with a wide view on all sides of the world, 185 m above sea level, where you can feel the true pleasure of breaths of clean air and tasting fruit wines.

Markešić family in fruit cultivation at 2 acres for 30 years long tradition growing apples, sour cherries, pears and cherries, and towards that tradition in the production process involves the production of carefully nurtured, quality fruit wines from apples and sour cherries.

Offer and facilities of family farm

• Recreational and operating tourism for fans of villages (fruits picking, processing of fruits, pruning orchards, etc.);
• A one-day rental of space for food preparation (skewer, grill, meat, our offer bread baked dishes);
• Entertainment with music of your choice;
• Walk or ride countryside;
• Recreational fishing;
• Tour of digs of monastery of friars Paulist order as precursors Pavllin Kloštar;
• Organization of Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.

 Gastro offer of family farm

• Hot and cold meals that come together with fruity wine;
• Homemade bread;
• Mixed grilled meat;
• Carp;
• Stew or fish stew;
• Fresh seasonal fruit;
• Offer fruit wines at affordable prices in various packages: as gift packages, souvenirs (various packages) or in bulk.

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