Business Fair - cheese Fair in Grubišno Polje

Business Fair - cheese Fair in Grubišno Polje

Tourist board of city of Grubišno Polje
Ivana Nepomuka Jemeršića 1, 43290 Grubišno Polje, Croatia
Phone: ++385 43 485 016

› Church of St. Joseph

Built 1782.

› Center for culture and informing dr. Franjo Tuđman

The holder of cultural activities in Grubišno Polje (Folk Ensemble, drama troupe, art workshops, music programs and courses).

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Date of event: Grubišno Polje, 19.-20.11.

In order to present its economy City of Grubišno Polje is in 2003 for the first time organized an Business Fair, which had economic and trade characteristics.

With the help of Bjelovar-Bilogora County and Bjelovar Fair, an event specializes in The fair of cheese. The idea proved to be a sure shot.