Vnouček winery


Križevačka cesta 18, 43 000 Bjelovar
Vinarija Lipovo Brdo, Lipovo Brdo bb, 43 203 Kapela, Croatia
Cell: ++385 98 691 275

Offer: selling drinks, cold cuts, cooked meals
Hours: prior announcement
Capacity: 50 guests

Our family farm is engaged in viticulture and wine-making.

Four hectares of our vineyards are settled in the quiet rural idyll on the southern slopes of Bilogora, just ten kilometers north of the town of Bjelovar. We cultivate six white and one red grapevine sort.

In Stari Skucani, where it all started with an old family house called "klijet", we planted over one hectare of grapevines, mostly “Grashevina” (Welsh Riesling), the "queen" of our vineyards. We have also planted Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Green Silvaner and Pinot Noir. The second vineyard location, three hectares in size, is situated in Lipovo Brdo, on the graceful slopes of Bilogora, surrounded by fragrant pastures, forests and fields, where we cultivate “Grashevina” (Welsh Riesling), and also the inevitable Yellow Muscat and “Rizvanac” (Müller Thurgau).

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